Integrated Image Today's 24/7 web-based business environment demands "speed-of-light" decision making. Spend even a few hours processing a credit reference and you take the chance of losing potential revenue-generating customers.

Our online services make it easy to take advantage of every opportunity. And if the information is not online, our Virtual Credit Office is guaranteed to shorten your turn-around time.

We specialize in up-to-the-moment, objective credit information solutions that make your job easier. Along with the powerful tools we offer through major credit reporting agencies, we provide flexible, cost-effective products and services designed to help you make smart, profitable business decisions.

Application Processing
Command Credit provides application processing systems in a data-agnostic ASP environment. From a simple name and address to a complex application, we can make a decision based on unique underwriting parameters - in the time it takes you to take a sip of coffee. The decision can be returned to you as simply as a statement, or as inclusively as a welcome package sent to your newest client.

Customized Reporting Format
Customized reporting is a unique feature offered to the credit professional who wants the best of all worlds. Our data-agnotic ASP platform allows you to create the credit report you would like to see by using the repositories and databases you access the most. The result is a custom report that supports your underwriting needs.

Risk-based Marketing
Risk-based marketing has evolved out of the need to have your sales and marketing team on the same page as your underwriting team. This solution goes beyond the typical round table discussion based on intuition. It takes into account your company's prime competitors, the profile of potential clients and analysis of your customers' spending, and then pre-qualifies the prospect based on your criteria. When the client is brought in by the sales team you will be confident they fit your underwriting criteria.

You will never need to use another credit data reporting service again.

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