Teamwork Since 1993, Command Credit Corporation has partnered with leading credit agencies to bring custom services to our members. We help organizations reach new customers and to develop successful and long lasting relationships.

We have built our business on the premise that commercial success is about getting close to customers. The more an organization understands them, the more able it is to respond to their very individual needs and circumstances.

Large and small businesses all over the country have benefited from our customer service and expertise. Our products and services give front line managers a wealth of knowledge about consumers and how they behave, about businesses and how they perform, and about markets and how they are changing.

As custodians, companies like Experian manage this information with respect and care, and with due consideration to the legal requirements and culture of each of its markets.

This responsibility entails:
spacer bullet Appropriate levels of information accuracy and security.
spacer bullet Active concern for the interests of information providers, information users and individuals of whom that information is subject.
spacer bullet Adherence to all legal requirements and to those self-regulative regimes with which they are aligned.
spacer bullet A policy of openness and honesty in making clear what information is maintained, how it is made available and how it is used in the commercial marketplace.

This stewardship extends to every aspect of information management, including, but not limited to, acquisition, processing, aggregation, storage, product development, sales and service, and consumer information.

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