Global Provider At Command Credit relationships start before an individual or business becomes a customer and continues through a long-term business relationship. Command Credit draws on the power of information and industry experience of our sales team to help our clients target prospective customers, manage customer relationships and identify opportunities for profitable growth in a manner that fits your company's individual needs.

We deliver our products with the best customer service in the business. Our representatives are trained report specialists, dedicated to helping maximize your credit investment.

You will never pay top dollar again! With our volume discounts, we are simply the lowest cost provider of credit reports. We have pricing plans to match your volume and value-added services that guarantee a return on your investment.

Given the current credit market, you can't afford to overextend your credit lines or hire fraudulent employees. CCC's products offer comprehensive, high-quality information so that you receive the most complete and accurate understanding of your credit risk.

Today's Internet-enabled business environment demands an instant decision making process. Spending days or even hours processing credit references? You chance loosing potential revenue-generating customers. CCC's online service is easy-to-use so that you can take advantage of the moment.

What if the information isn't online? Order via our Virtual Credit Office you are guaranteed to shorten your turn-around time.

Statistics show that 98% of credit applicants provide only suppliers whom they pay on a timely basis as references. CCC products give you the full story: Tax liens. Consumer credit. Collection inquiries. DBT. Our Virtual Credit Office offers valuable assistance on a range of credit management products and services, ensuring you a complete credit application.

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