Account Monitoring Service helps you proactively monitor your business-to-business credit portfolio and view changes to your customers' credit profiles. Now you can manage risk better, effectively allocate resources, improve cash flow and develop stronger customer relationships for greater profitability.

Manage your credit portfolios before they manage you. Establishing proven portfolio management practices is critical for every company, especially those that depend on more vulnerable small businesses, where financial resources often are limited.

Account Monitoring Service offers a comprehensive monitoring system to meet your needs for expanded triggering capabilities, enhanced filtering, greater flexibility, ease of use and more. A key to Account Monitoring Service is its comprehensive trigger set, which informs you of significant negative and positive events in your customers' credit profiles. This allows you to indicate future risk and signal up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. By utilizing the flexible filtering capabilities of Account Monitoring Service, credit managers can allocate critical resources more efficiently and eliminate all but the most predictive and actionable alerts. Daily alert delivery allows you to adjust quickly to change.

Please Note - This service is not included in subscription packages.

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If you are not currently receiving Account Monitoring services, and would like to, call Client Service at 800.676.9705 or have one of our representatives contact you about a subscription.

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