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If you are not now authorized to access the Command Credit Center, and would like to, call Client Service at 800.676.9705 or have one of our representatives contact you about a subscription.

The system provides business detail on over 35 million US Businesses covering a business's financial risk rating, the Overall consumer and business risk rating in the geographic Area served by the company, company size, age and industry detail.

Sell Report
The Sell Report shows your customers payment experience compared to that of other contributors to the system. Utilizing this feature the user can immediately determine the following: Credit Information
View overall company payment details including aging of trade balances compared to industry peer groups and to that of all contributors. View most recent payments based on terms, dates, high credit, outstanding balances and account aging.

Public Record Information
The system provides the most recent and historic information on bankruptcies, liens & Judgments, UCC filings, and Corporate filing information.

Liens & Judgements
The liens & judgment records with filing details, including type, dates, court jurisdiction, amount of lien, & creditors covered.

Bankruptcy Reports
The bankruptcy report shows filing dates, bankruptcy chapter, and court detail by individual business.

UCC Filings
UCC filings show filing dates, creditor and creditor addresses, and type of equipment leased.

Corporate Filings
The Corporate filing record shows state of incorporation, charter number, contacts, official address, company name and legal address and currency of filing.

Portfolio Monitoring
The system includes two types of reporting systems for management of accounts receivables. The first report is the portfolio analysis which allows the user to answer the following questions with a click: Marketing Lists
The Credit Center additionally allows the user to select prospects for marketing campaigns from among 35 million businesses on a variety of features, including the ability to select prospects by any combination of:

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