Evaluate business credit from objective trade data collected from credit grantors like you. Experian is the recognized leader in capturing data on businesses of all sizes. With DBT Trade lines, comprehensive payment information, trend analysis and public record information, this report provides a wealth of detailed information from a variety of sources.

Combine with the Intelliscore Plus for a winning solution.

This 10 page reports includes: The Experian Edge
The strength and accuracy of data are the backbone of the Experian products and services we offer. The following four elements constitute the core of their business and allow us to supply superior commercial credit services:
  1. Data sources - include all third- party-sourced information, fresher public filings and the world's strongest commercial collections data
  2. BizSourceSM and TrueSearchSM - best-in-class commercial data storage and more accurate search and match technology
  3. Business Information Number (BIN) - a unique, persistent business identifier throughout all products and reports
  4. Corporate Linkage - identifies relationships between businesses, of all sizes, including small and mid-size businesses
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If you are not now authorized to access Business Profiles, and would like to, call Client Service at 800.676.9705 or have one of our representatives contact you about a subscription.

The Executive Summary
Experian Business Profile's Executive Summary provides an overview of a business' credit behavior, so that you are able to see the need for additional credit details. The summary includes: Corporate Linkage
Linkage occurs when one business has financial and legal responsibility for another. Common linkage identifiers such as branch, headquarters, subsidiary, and ultimate parent are used to clearly indicate the location type and relationship structure within the corporate family.

Experian leverages unique data assets and unparalleled search and match capabilities to provide linkage on the largest corporate entities down to the small business with just a few locations.

To ensure the ongoing quality of linkage, Experian uses a multidimensional data model. This model uses: In addition, real-time database updates allow us to refresh family trees quickly when changes, such as mergers and acquisitions, occur. This ensures continued data accuracy and completeness.

Corporate Linkage empowers you with: Trade Payment Information The Trade Payment Information in the Business Profile provides an up-to-date view of a business' credit performance. Each trade line represents a unique credit relationship.

For comparison purposes, a plus (+), minus (-) or equal (=) sign next to each trade line with a balance indicates whether the DBT or trade line is more than five days higher (-), more than five days lower (+) or within five days (=) of the average DBT for that business category.

Payment Trends
Evaluate credit behavior with the following info: Public Record Information
Provides details of bankruptcies, tax liens and judgments.

Uniform Commercial Code Profile
Use the Business Profile Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings to know how much a business is leveraged and what kind of collateral is used in outstanding loans. These are important considerations when evaluating creditworthiness.

The UCC profile lists up to 10 most recent UCC filings (original, amendments or terminations) with the most recent displayed first for easy review. If you like, you may access a complete UCC filing report free of charge within 72 hours of your Business Profile inquiry.

Company Background Information
This portion of the Business Profile provides detailed background information that validates a company's identity, helping you detect potential fraud.

Company background may include: Inquiries
The Inquiries section of the Business Profile summarizes all inquiries made on the applicant by month.

Standard & Poor's Information
The Business Profile provides comprehensive Standard and Poor's (S&P) information for gauging financial strength in relation to payment habits in publicly held companies.

Federal Government Information
The federal government information is another resource for financial evaluation. It reports selected financial dealings of the company with federal government agencies and provides contact data for your convenience.

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