Today small businesses make up 90% of all US companies, with 70% of those as sole proprietorships. Extending credit to small business can be risky, especially when the principal's resources are an important criteria in the credit decision, you need to know: Are their personal finances supporting the business or vice versa?

With the help of Business Owner Profile you can turn small business into big profits. Linking the credit histories of over five million business owners their businesses.

This report gives personal credit information on a company's principal, including: Request More Info
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If you are not now authorized to access Business Owner Profiles, and would like to, call Client Service at 800.676.9705 or have one of our representatives contact you about a subscription.

Identifying information
Identifying information includes the name and home address of the proprietor, his or her business, and name and address of the proprietor's current employer or last employer.

Proprietor's Identifying Information
Name and home address of the proprietor including up to two previous addresses if available.

Business Information Name of the proprietor's current employer and/or the proprietor's last employer.

Scorex Plus Score
Consumer credit risk score predicting the likelihood of serious delinquency in the next 24 months. The Scores Plus ranges from 300-900. The lower the score indicates a higher risk.

Summary of Trade Payments
A summary of the proprietor's current payment performance, including monthly payments, percent current, past due payments, total balance, outstanding and largest balance outstanding.

Delinquency Chart
This chart shows how many trades are current versus how many trades are 30+ days delinquent.

Summary of Legal Filings, Payments & Inquiries
A summary of legal filings present, payments and balances including delinquent payments and total number of inquiries.

Consumer Statement
Disputes any supplemental data related to transactional information.

Consumer Statement
Disputes and supplemental data related to transactional information.

Trade Information
Each trade payment experience may include: 24 Month Payment History
Graphical representation of payment history.

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