BITS What is BITS?
A credit report which tells you how businesses pay other members of your industry.

Why pull credit reports from an industry-specific database?
Because you can access an applicant's credit behavior relative to other suppliers and determine whether the company is "skipping" from supplier to supplier.

Want to get a more detailed picture of how an applicant has handled an account?
The BITS disclosure number displayed on the report can be cross-referenced in the BITS Membership Directory. This confidential directory, available only to credit group members, gives company names, addresses, telephone numbers and contact names.

When do you request a BITS report?
*Applicants can be companies, partnerships, or sole proprietors whose business relates to the building industry.

How do you request a BITS report?
For a new credit applicant fax a CCC request form, indicating new customer and a completed credit application with the following information: For a credit review of an existing customer, simply fax us a CCC request form indicating either an increase in credit limit, or account review.

BITS enriches and strengthens the base of credit information available within your industry and plays a critical role in the control of bad debt and prevention of fraud. All BITS members participate in data contribution thus enabling the group to make more informed decisions. Security of the data in the BITS systems is assured through limited access to data by submission of a signed credit application directly to Command Credit.

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If you are not now authorized to access BITS Reports, and would like to, call Client Service at 800.676.9705 or have one of our representatives contact you about a subscription.

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